About Us

Our guest-facing mobile solution combines traditional hospitality with on-demand digital service delivery. With one simple integration, Unified will enable your guests to access your staff and amenities on their own terms anytime, anyplace throughout your property.

Many hotel guests have experienced hospitality which has fallen short of the quality they were led to expect. Such moments leave guests unsatisfied with their experience, as consumer expectations continue to rise through the advent of on-demand technologies. Hospitality operators are now left with the challenge of fulfilling exceptional service standards, that require careful allocation of staff and resources to enable effortless on-demand access to hotel services for all guests.   

Inspired by services, like Uber, our off the shelf mobile platform solution combines state of the art location technology with speedy on-demand service. Once our technology has been installed in your hotel, your guests will be able to access all services through your hotel app anytime, anyplace throughout the property.

As soon as a guest taps for service, Unified displays the exact location of the guest, enabling staff to always know who and where to serve next. Our system is influenced from feedback we received from various hospitality operators, many of whom expressed a specific need to know the exact moment a guest required service without being physically present. Knowing this information enables staff to manage guest expectations on the backend side of operations more efficiently, increasing the opportunity to fulfil a higher volume of requests at a faster rate; rather than relying on outdated offline methods, such as pen and paper to keep track of service.

Our solution arose through the challenge of there being no way to know when service should be occurring without a staff member being present. We realised that by adding a mobile component to the service workflow, guests could bypass the initial staff interaction and request service from anywhere at their own discretion, enabling staff to deliver service in a meaningful way on the guest’s terms.

As guests and staff interact with our system you are able to collect highly valuable location data on both staff and guests, which can later be used to optimise staffing levels, service efficiency and marketing efforts. Your data serves as an exciting opportunity to streamline your operation, enabling operators to recoup through digitisation and invest back into the all important guest experience.

As the smartphone continues to upend the service experience in many hotels, this shift in guest convenience serves as powerful reminder as to how much the modern guest relies on mobile technology to define their experience.