Request Buttons

Increase your revenue with mobile interactions that provide guests with faster service delivery and personalised hospitality experiences.

Request buttons empowers your guests by enabling them to request service at their own convenience, anytime they wish.

Request Manager

A simple and intuitive system that works in the background and fits seamlessly into your existing service workflow.

Customer requests are displayed on the staff terminal, enabling staff to track and pinpoint the location of a customer using a real-time map.

Customer names are displayed via the terminal, enabling staff to personalise guest interactions

Digital Waiter

Let our digital waiter monitor individual customer wait times for you, while you ensure timely and efficient service delivery.

Once a customer enters the digital queue, staff can then prioritise requests by wait time – removing any element of doubt about who to serve next.

Staff Locator

Total visibility of all your employees across your property enables you to manage and coordinate staff over multiple floors and departments in real-time without having to rely on radio communications.

See where all your staff are, what they are doing and summon them to your location if you need help.

Service Analytics

Staff wages can often equate to 30% of a business’ operating costs, making it essential that your workforce is performing efficiently as possible to maintain high standards.

Our cloud based analytics suite allows you to better understand daily staffing levels and individual employee efforts so you can adjust your staffing levels accordingly.