In recent years technology has been transforming the hospitality industry, dramatically changing the way guests are interacting with hotels. Hoteliers are now leveraging guest engagement platforms, like Unified, that enable guests to engage with hotel services via their smartphones.

In this blog post, we will be exploring how to win over a tech-savvy generation of hotel guests who have become accustomed to using on-demand mobile services that fulfil their needs the moment they occur.

So what is an on-demand service experience?

Waiting over 20 minutes for a waiter’s attention one night, we saw that inefficient service was leaving guests unsatisfied with their service experience, resulting in lost business and poor online reviews for the hotelier. Inspired by platforms like Uber, we developed a mobile platform solution that provides guests with easy on-demand access to hotel services and staff by simply tapping a button. Our key goals were to reduce guest fulfilment times and make guest interactions with staff faster and easier. As a result, we have created a solution that enables guests to request hotel services by simply tapping a button to call a server to their exact location, anytime, anyplace across a property.

Our customisable service buttons can be used to digitally request any service that a hotel wants to offer. Staff will then personally fulfil the request, maintaining the all-important human element of hospitality.

How does it work?

Guest requests are logged and displayed on the Unified Request Manager (iPad). As soon as a guest requests service their name and location appears on the Request Manager – this enables staff to personalise their greeting when interacting with guests, reducing the friction between staff and guests. The Request Manager enables staff to pinpoint the location of a guest using a real-time map. Staff can also track fulfilment times up-to-the-second to ensure timely service delivery. This system enables service teams to fulfil more requests by increasing service coverage across the property, in turn minimising the number of customer requests slipping underneath the radar.

Service teams can monitor individual customer wait times from the iPad to ensure timely delivery to every guest. This workflow removes any element of doubt about which guest to serve next as staff know how long each guest has waited. The Unified Service Manager is the ideal solution for hospitality businesses that adhere to strict service promises and want to maintain a reputation for speedy service.

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