In an ideal scenario your hotel staff would deliver service quickly, efficiently and without a hitch – however no day-to-day hotel operation is ever quite the same, making it essential that your staff are equipped with the right tools to deal with spikes in service and maintain consistent standards of service during peak times.

Such situations require well organised service workflows, especially when you’re regularly dealing with a changing cast of employees who rely on accurate demand-forecasting, rigorous scheduling and continuous management as the day unfolds. Combine this with the risk of over-staffing and inflating costs of wages, and the need for optimising staffing levels becomes an essential part of front-line management performance – especially since labour costs constitute a large portion of a hotel’s operating costs.

It is therefore key to address the following staffing issues to run a sustainable hotel operation:

  1. Reduce operating margins by optimising staffing levels.
  2. Combat poor service experiences by always having the correct level of staff on duty.
  3. Ensure service staff don’t become overworked.
  4. Ensure service staff aren’t missing opportunities to sell services.

Unified service analytics detect service surges and dips in real-time, enabling managers to adjust staffing levels on-the-go and counter poor service experiences before they happen. By collecting and visualising your service data, you will be able to fine tune your staffing levels and change the workflow as required based on number of service requests and overall demand.

Your location data also shows you exactly how long it takes employees to cover certain distances between locations – this data can then be used to inform scheduling of tasks and better understand individual employee performance metrics. Once a sufficient amount of historical location data has been collected, you will be able to identify service hotspots to better position staff and enhance guest engagement opportunities.

All resources recouped through staff optimisation can be invested back into the guest experience, ensuring your hotel stays cost-efficient in a competitive marketplace. Our advanced analytics tools provide hotel operators with powerful insights to design guest experiences and employee workflows that improve both guest satisfaction and operational efficiency throughout the hotel property.

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