Analytics Dashboard

See all your data from your personal dashboard, safely secured in one easy to use system.

Visualise Data

Turn your data into powerful business insights to create new revenue generating opportunities.   

Scalable Solution

Whether you manage one establishment or a chain, the Unified platform can fit your needs.

Easy Integration

Our truly integrated solution works seamlessly alongside your existing systems and workflows. 

Why Unified?

Unified Technologies provides hotels and resorts with advanced indoor-location services that enhance customer experiences and increase workforce productivity.

Using a combination of location-based technology and mobile App solutions; our guest engagement platform will transform the way guests interact with services in hotels and resorts.

Our core technology positions people and assets to 1 metre squared accuracy across your entire site. Your location data is then collected and visualised in an analytics suite, providing powerful insights on guest behaviours and interactions across a single location or multiple properties.

Easily implement the technology into your own iOS or Android app with just a few lines of code.

Our Infrastructure

Every Unified iBeacon has a battery life of up to 5 years and automatically communicates its health to the cloud keeping downtime to a minimum. Unified will be happy to replace batteries free of charge as and when required.

Our location technology is powered by premium Bluetooth iBeacons and SDKs that are easy to integrate with app platforms (iOS & Android).