Every hotelier wants to build meaningful relationships with their guests – but how can hotel technology play a part in deepening the guest connection when guest expectations are already at an all time high?

Many aspects of the guest experience have already been digitised, whether it’s direct room booking or electronic room keys – these time saving services enable hoteliers to personalise and extend the reach of service, ensuring the guest remembers their stay long after they’ve checked out.

Now think of the feeling your guests would get if they could summon staff and services anywhere inside your hotel from the comfort of their smartphones. Yes, that’s right, much like Uber – we’ve digitised the service delivery experience by enabling guests to simply tap for service and have their request delivered to their location. For example, imagine you are sun-bathing by the pool and you have just finished your first cocktail – you’re far too comfortable to get up and order another, so instead you lower your shades, take out your phone and tap for another mojito. You receive a notification that service is on its way, phew, you can relax again!

Our belief at Unified is that guests should barely have to lift a finger to get service. Why queue or search for service when you can access all the hotel staff, products and services from your smartphone. Every guest wants to feel like they’re your number one priority, and that’s exactly the kind of service value we can bring to your hotel. When your guests need something, and they want it fast – Unified knows when that moment is occurring, enabling your hotel staff to deliver requests fast and efficiently.

In a world of impersonal mobile service experiences, we wanted Unified to maintain the all important element of human interaction when delivering service – thereby ensuring that every guest gets one-to-one face time with hotel staff to deepen the guest connection with your brand.

As a technology provider we are looking to partner with strong hotel brands looking to upgrade their guest-facing hospitality experience. By working alongside you and your associates Unified can help you usher in a new era of on-demand luxury service experiences that will distinguish your hotel from the competition, while enhancing your service experience throughout your hotel.

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